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Dental Preventive Care Services

Maintaining a healthy mouth and smile is a goal most of us aspire to. However, many people fail at the first hurdle because they fail to engage with the right preventive care and then end up with a long list of treatment they need to have done. This is then expensive and can be unpleasant if you need to have a lot of work completed.

Delmar Family Dental is here to help you keep your teeth in great shape. You can choose from a wide range of services, and we will treat your whole family that way you can avoid huge dental bills when you choose our range of preventive treatments instead.

What Is Preventive Dental Care?

If you are not sure what preventive dental care is, put simply, it is care that aims to keep your mouth healthy so that you can avoid having to get expensive treatments in the future. Prevention is said to be better than cure, so if you regularly engage in preventive dental care, then you have a higher chance of enjoying healthy teeth for longer.
Interestingly, if you have invested in a dental plan, then you will probably find that preventive care is typically covered by the your insurance plan in full. This is because dental insurers know that preventive care will cost them less than the cover of invasive treatments for those who have not engaged in preventive treatments.

What Preventive Care Does Delmar Offer?

Delmar Family Dental offers a wide range of services, covering all dental needs for the whole family. When it comes to preventive care, you can head to Delmar for the following services:
• Check-up exams to look for any problems in the mouth.
• Hygiene and cleaning to remove any plaque or tartar build-up.
• X-rays to check for problems below the gum line.
• Sealants and fluoride coatings to keep the teeth as strong as possible.
• Education on how to brush and floss for younger patients and adults who may be missing key areas when they clean.
• Mouthguards for patients that are prone to grinding their teeth.

Because Delmar is a family dentist, you can expect our team to be able to work with clients of all ages and know what preventive care is most important at what age. Call us today to discuss your requirements and make an appointment.

Why Should I Choose Delmar for My Preventive Care?

Delmar Family Dental is headed by Rivka Goldenhersh D.M.D, a dentist with many years’ experience and a passion for helping families to enjoy the best dental health possible. The entire team at Delmar are friendly and love to meet and support new patients. When you make an appointment with Delmar Dental, you will be sure to get a thorough check-up and a personalized plan that will help you to maintain the healthiest teeth possible.

Call Delmar Today

If you are ready to organize your preventive dental care, then contact Delmar Family Dental today and get booked in. The friendly team are ready to help answer any questions you may have and will be happy to welcome you on the day of your appointment.