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Choosing The Right Senior Dentist Provider For You

Choosing the right senior dentistry provider for you can be a difficult task. Taking care of your oral health is vital throughout your life, and becomes even more important in your later years. Having the correct care and facilities for your needs will ensure your quality of life can be just as brilliant as it was before, as getting older doesn’t mean your oral health should take a back seat.

In fact, it’s as important as ever, due to a number of conditions that can affect seniors. Therefore it’s important to find someone that’s well-versed in senior dentistry, so they can see to your specific requirements.

Senior dentistry takes into account some of the limitations that older patients may face with their dental health. For seniors, conditions such as gum disease and missing teeth can pose a challenge when it comes to eating, as well as other areas of life, so getting the best senior-specific care is a must. A number of oral health conditions become more prevalent with age, for example dry mouth (xerostomia) and root cavities, and without treatment these can cause irreversible damage that can lower your quality of life. This is why finding senior dental care locations near you is crucial.

If you’re looking for the best senior dentist for you or for a family member, Delmar Family Dentistry offers a variety of caring and comprehensive services. We take into account both the mental and physical health of our older patients, and tailor our services to compensate for any limitations that may be present, to give you the most comfortable experience you can have.

Dr Rivka Goldenhersh knows what is best when it comes to helping seniors, thanks to her experience working with seniors in long-term care. Specialist senior dental care locations needn’t be an intimidating experience, and at Delmar Family Dentistry we can ensure that no matter what, you feel as comfortable as possible. Dr Goldenhersh and her team will provide a warm and friendly welcome, making sure that your visit goes smoothly and all of your oral healthcare needs have been taken care of.

Dr Goldenhersh is part of the Greater St. Louis Dental Society, the Missouri Dental Association, and the American Dental Association, so you can rest easy in the knowledge that you’re receiving the best professional care possible. Our comprehensive service means that we will provide you with all of your healthcare requirements in a comfortable and welcoming setting, enhancing your quality of life through our range of top-quality services.

If you are wondering “what is the best geriatric dentistry near me?”, and you are located in or around Missouri, look no further than Delmar Family Dentistry, where we can provide you with all of your dental healthcare needs.