Dentist in University City


Modern dentistry offers many options that blend long-lasting strength and attractiveness. Dr. Goldenhersh will first remove the decay and then fill the tooth using a tooth-colored composite resin. White, or resin, fillings are durable long-term for most fillings and are virtually undetectable when you smile. Because they can be matched to your natural shade, they can also be used for filling cavities in areas on front teeth and near the gum line.
Keep in mind that fillings stop your current cavity from getting worse, and restore the contours and function of your teeth but do not always prevent new cavities from starting again. If you have a new cavity under an old filling, we will replace the old one with a fresh restoration and can spend time with you to determine what may be causing your cavities. An ounce of prevention can make all the difference!
While we don’t place new silver fillings, we do not recommend that old ones be replaced unless they have a new cavity around them, they are broken or chipping, or are an esthetic concern. Many people are concerned about the mercury inside, but scientific studies have repeatedly shown them to not be a health concern. Once the filling material is set and hard, the mercury is not able to spread throughout your body. While oral health is definitely related to overall health, the choice of filling material has never been shown to play a role in causing or preventing disease outside of the mouth. If you are concerned about your metal fillings, let us take a look at them. In most cases, they can last for many years.
Delmar Family Dental can help you choose the most cost-effective – and most attractive – option to preserve your dental health and your sparkling smile.