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General Dentist In University City, MO | 5 thing you should know before choosing dental implants

Let’s face it. None of us would ever want to lose our teeth. But sometimes, it can be inevitable. Reasons for tooth loss could range from poor oral hygiene, gum disease, age, and more. Whatever the reason, it’s not an issue that should be ignored. Failing to rectify a missing tooth can potentially lead to oral complications and generally affect how you feel about your appearance.
Thankfully, we have several solutions for this from dental dentures to bridges and dental implants. As our general dentist in University City, Mo Dr. Goldenhersh, will point out, dental implants are the most long-lasting solution to tooth loss. That’s what makes them so popular. Still not sure whether dental implants are for you? Here are five important things about them we feel you need to know if you are considering dental implants.

They look and feel like natural teeth

Essentially, a dental implant is designed as an artificial tooth replacement in every way. For one, unlike bridges or partial dentures which are connected to neighboring teeth or to a plastic base, dental implants are usually anchored in the jawbone. Hence, they won’t slip out of place and are just as strong as natural teeth. The tooth crown also looks natural, especially those made of ceramic or porcelain. The general dentist in University, Mo, will be keen to ensure that it takes the exact form of your natural teeth as well.

Dental implants last long

If you prefer a permanent tooth replacement solution, dental implants are the way to go. The installation cost for dental implants is usually high. But it’s worth considering that it’s a one-time cost. With proper maintenance, dental implants will last just as long (perhaps longer) than your natural teeth.

The procedure is painless

The thought of going to the dentist for whatever reason can be unsettling. Things like drills, needles, and the dental setting, in general, are huge sources of dental anxiety. However, it helps to remember that the procedure is painless. Before starting the implant placement surgery, the general dentist in University City, Mo, will always apply local anesthesia so you won’t feel any pain at the implant site.

Getting implants is a length process

The process of getting dental implants takes time. As much as most of us would prefer to make one visit and everything is done, it will usually take at least three dentist visits. It will start with consultations and examination then the actual implant placement. But that’s not where it stops. Since the procedures are invasive, the dentist must afford you some time to heal. Therefore, the entire process from consultation to final placement might take anywhere between nine months to a year.

Dental Implant Care

You won’t have to worry about getting dental cavities if you opt for implants.  Nevertheless, they are still susceptible to bacteria and should therefore be subjected to some form of maintenance. Otherwise, they might be the reason you contract gum disease. Caring for dental implants is generally easy. Brush twice a day, floss, and use mouthwash.

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If you have any more questions about dental implants, reserve an appointment today with our general dentist Dr. Goldenhersh in University City, Mo, to learn how these teeth replacement solutions can change your life.