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Frequently asked questions:

The first step in fixing your smile is a consultation, either in office or over video. Dr. Goldenhersh will confirm that she can fix your smile and answer any questions you may have.

Next, we will have you come into the office to take records of your mouth – a 3D scan instead of goopy impression, a full set of x-rays, and some photos. These will allow Dr. Goldenhersh to plan out how your teeth will move, and three weeks later we’ll share that plan with you to approve. At this stage you will be able to see how many trays your treatment will need, and how long it will take. Most cases are in the range of 6-8 months.

We’ll then send the plan you approved to Invisalign to make your trays, and three weeks later we will deliver them to you. At this visit we will place your attachments, the tooth colored buttons that will help hold your trays on and help us move your teeth. The most important part of the process comes next: You will need to wear your trays 24 hours a day: day, night, for eating, sleeping, basically all the time!

We will check in with you a few times throughout the process and may perform IPR, interproximal reduction. This is polishing in between the teeth to create extremely small amounts of space and allow your teeth to easily slide by each other.

When your treatment is complete and you love your smile, we will scan you for retainers, which you will wear just like your active trays for three months to solidify your new smile. Then you will switch to nighttime only wear for as long as you don’t want your teeth to move!

No! If you’d like to you certainly can, but we are happy to offer video consults right over your phone or computer. We’ll send you a link and find a convenient time from the comfort of your own home.

Every case is different, but the average case takes approximately 6 months of active treatment time.
While Invisalign trays are not actually invisible, most people will not notice them. Usually the only people that will notice them are dentists and other people doing Invisalign!
In order for your treatment to be as predictable and fast as possible, you need to wear your trays 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That means during the day, at night, when eating, when sleeping, and all the times in between! The only time they should be out of your mouth is when you rinse after meals, and brush and floss morning and evening.
Your trays may get a little rough or stained since you will be eating with them but remember that each set of trays only needs to last four days. Rinsing throughout the day with water will help keep them clean, and you may use a soft toothbrush with gentle toothpaste or a soft cloth twice a day when you brush your teeth. Some patients like to use Invisalign cleaning crystals or cleaning foam, which can be purchased directly from Invisalign.com. Using mouthwash, denture cleaners or abrasive toothpastes should not be necessary and may wear down or damage your trays.
Eating with your trays in will make your Invisalign treatment so much faster and more predictable! Your trays are moving your teeth one way, but when you eat, chewing on foods may push your teeth in a different way. This will make your treatment take longer!
Eating foods with turmeric (curry or yellow mustard, etc) may stain your trays bright yellow. Otherwise, your trays should be able to tolerate most foods. And each set only needs to last 4 days, so if it gets a little chewed up you know you will be switching to a fresh set soon!
It is ultimately your choice to eat with them or not and we will support you either way. But remember that any time the trays are out of your mouth, your teeth may be going in the wrong direction. It does feel funny at first, but most are able to get used to it after a few days. Wearing them while eating will make your Invisalign treatment faster and more predictable.
If you feel a lot of food or drink is getting up under your trays, you should take them out when you are finished eating. Rinse the trays, rinse your mouth, and immediately place them back in your mouth. Twice daily you should brush and floss for the recommended two minutes. Keeping things rinsed and cleaned regularly, while maximizing the time the trays are in your mouth, will help prevent cavities and keep your treatment predictable.
No! It is common belief that Wisdom Teeth coming in causes teeth to shift, but studies have shown that teeth can shift and crowd over time with or without wisdom teeth erupting. We can take wisdom teeth out before, during, or after your Invisalign treatment.
Yes, and you should! It is important to keep up with your regular cleanings and exams during treatment to keep your mouth healthy!
We can take care of all your dental needs during your Invisalign treatment. We will be sure that your new filling or crown will fit under your Invisalign trays so that treatment can continue uninterrupted.
Yes. While it is generally not recommended to smoke at all, taking out your trays for any reason can prolong your Invisalign treatment and make it less likely to work well. So you may smoke with your trays in. Be sure to rinse your trays and your teeth periodically throughout the day and keep your regular check-ups to keep your mouth healthy.
Yes you may. Rinsing after eating and drinking will help keep your trays clean and teeth healthy.
IPR stands for Interproximal Reduction, or in other words, polishing in between the teeth, to create extremely small amounts of space in between the teeth. When teeth are crowded in your mouth, we can avoid extracting teeth to create space by instead doing IPR. Even if your teeth are not crowded, it is sometimes necessary to allow the teeth to easily slide by each other and fit better into the space you have. It can also help the teeth come together in a more esthetic way by reducing what we call “black triangles,” or the little gaps in between the teeth by the gumline that sometimes become more apparent after straightening teeth. Most patients will benefit from some IPR.

We offer the best Invisalign deal around. While most offices charge between 5,000-7,000 for Invisalign treatment, here at Delmar Family Dental your treatment can cost as low as #3275 for new patients!

See our payments option page for more information.

Some insurance plans will cover some of your cost of Invisalign treatment. Sometimes there are age limitations or waiting periods. We will happily help you check and understand and maximize your benefits.